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If you have a way to make money from home and want to share it PLEASE DO! We all need the extra help.

If you want to promote your own sales, fanfics, or blog you are more than welcome.

I take no responsibility for any of the auctions or sales here that are not by myself, and I will not take any responsibility for those who dont follow through, or make bad transactions....

Please be responsible for your own actions and your own transactions

My own listings will be included but I will also let you list yours as well.

Though if I do catch people with bogus sales or getting a bad reputation, they will be BANNED from the community.

Please shop responsably!

The rules can change at any time, but if they do change it will be posted in the community.

1. No flaming

2. Please be honest.

3. Please LJ-cut any LONG lists or over sized pictures.

4. If youre going to sell from your own journal or another page, please post the link to said page.

5. If you are going to post the same advertisement every time you post, I would ask that you keep it to once every five days, and try not to over spam the community, it's only polite.

6. To cut down on confusion please tag as Work from home, sell, buy, ads, links
you can use more than one.